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Our 2020 show will take place on Sunday 10 May at the usual venue of Strathallan Games Park, Bridge of Allan FK9 4QY.
The invitation letters and entry forms will be issued at the end of January 2020. If you don't receive an Invitation letter and entry form, but would like to attend, please print an entry from the SHOW section of this website. Please also read the information included in the Invitation letter. As in previous years show profits will be donated to charity.

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HIDDEN GEMS 8 years 10 months ago #533

I have always had an interest in the cars that are locked away unseen, sometime for years. Some are just neglected, like the bubble car lying under a tarpaulin in a neighbours garden, others have been stored properly like the escort mexico a few miles away, covered in some kind of waxoil awaiting the owners young family to grow up so he can enjoy it again. Everywhere I go, if I see a garage door open, I check it out, its amazing what you find.
My latest find is in Stirling, on the street where I park my car. The car is a Humber Sceptre estate that the owner bought new from Morrisons in 1973. Although he used it regularly the Humber only clocked up 60000 before he 'stored' it away. Last year he decided to have the car properly restored and sent it to the car restoration guys in Alyth. He only got it back the day before I spotted the car and the stunning Rootes Kingfisher Blue paintjob certainly catches the light. The interior has been completely refurbed and the engine overhauled.This is one of those occassions when the heart rules the head, spending probably 2-3 times what the car is worth, but the old guy was so pleased to have his beloved car back, who am I to say . The owners no classic buff but I will invite him to the show and he might join the club.
From my point of view its another classic car saved.
One day I must write about the 2 hidden gems(Jensens) stored nearby, if I could only remember where I saw them.
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Re:HIDDEN GEMS 8 years 10 months ago #536

ive allways thought that there shoud be a national garage doors open day its amazing what is hidden within a short distance of where you live the only thing is that you may only get a fleeting glimse through a partially open door or by word of mouth that someone else has spotted it :cheer:
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Re:HIDDEN GEMS 8 years 10 months ago #540

Probably the craziest thing seen locally was parked out in the open for years partially covered by a dirty old tarpaulin. It was only 100 yards from the main gate to the Bridge of Allan games park . The owner apparently came into some money, bought his dream car, but had no idea how to maintain it and when it broke down he lost interest and left it lying. I used to deliberately drive slowly past just to see the front few feet sticking out from under the tarp. The words shame and sin spring to mind.
The car was my all time favourite supercar, a Lamborghini Muira. It lay out in the elements for about 10 years before the owner eventually agreed to sell it, apparently he had been approached often but kept saying he was going to put it back on the road. I was told it went abroad but I shudder to think how much it would have cost to restore.
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Re:HIDDEN GEMS 8 years 10 months ago #543

sadly there are too many cars that their owners are going to restore only for them to be able rust to the extent that any new owner could take them away in a tesco carrier bag,it was interesting to see in this months practical classics a list of 5 owners who were going to restore their cars in about 1999 out of the five one is restored one was sold, one owner has gone under the radar and the other two have not been started so going by these narrow statistics any car you see that the owner is going to restore has a one in five chance of success :ohmy:
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Re:HIDDEN GEMS 8 years 9 months ago #556

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sure there used to be a gt6 ,merc, and old min seen in bridge of allan. not seen the light for some time.!!!
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Re:HIDDEN GEMS 8 years 9 months ago #560

funny that! wasent our chairman looking for some tesco carrier bags :laugh: :woohoo: :laugh:
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